La Porta Residence

Long Beach, California

Built in 1930 for Mr & Mrs JH Augsburger, this charming Spanish Colonial Revival home is located in the Belmont Heights area of Long Beach. The architecture firm on record was Builders Plan & Service located on Anaheim Street in Long Beach. The old City of Belmont Heights was incorporated in 1908 and annexed to Long Beach in 1908. This area has a very rich California architectural history with a large number of the historic homes still standing and thriving. The La Porta’s home exists as part of this legacy. When they purchased the home the La Porta family was excited to discover in the basement original blueprints and carefully labeled skeleton keys for all of the interior doors! The home was in excellent condition, but the architectural details were very spare, so the owners were interested in adding some historically accurate embellishments to the interior stair risers, fireplace, kitchen, and downstairs bathroom. Coincidentally, Native Tile had been hired through one of our tile showrooms by the previous owners to create tile for the master bathroom. So the renovation continued with the new owners completing the interior renovation in a way that introduced more color and pattern to the interior spaces. Stay tuned as we continue the tile story for this Long Beach gem in the exterior landscape this year.

Photos by Brica Wilcox