Casa de Sueños

La Jolla, CA

Combining inspiration from historic homes in the area and a love for the California Mediterranean style, the designer Beth McGehee of SB Design brought Native Tile on board to create decorative tile for almost every room in this ocean front, new construction home.

Having worked with the designer on previous projects and knowing her fastidious attention to detail we were enthusiastic about creating all of the custom details that would make this project special. The owners were involved in the process and together with the designer we selected a color palette and patterns that satisfied their tastes and were consistent with a historically inspired Mediterranean Style home.

In addition to tile the clients loved natural stone and so we were challenged to create tile in colors that would integrate well with their various stone selections. We developed a glaze pallet that was colorful yet earthy and coordinated well with the warm tones of the stone. The clients were so enamored with one of our tile patterns that depicts a whimsical image of a Medieval griffin-like creature that they incorporated it into other decorative features within the home in addition to our tile. As with all of our projects, our goal is always to pay respect to the style of the architecture and at the same time use our tile to create spaces that are timeless and also convey the unique character of the clients themselves.

Native Tile was awarded first place in the Residential Tile Design category at 2019 Coverings CID Awards for our work on this project.

Photos by Jeri Koegel