Gibbings Residence

San Diego, CA

Built in 1928, this historic home is considered a beautiful example of the “Monterey” Style architecture that was being built in San Diego during this period.

One of many collaborations with design-build contractor William Jones, Native Tile was commissioned to create decorative tile throughout the interior and exterior of the home in three phases. The Jones design sensibility is evident throughout the project. Being true to the period of the original architecture, tile patterns and techniques indicative of California historic tile were incorporated. We began by creating colorfully patterned tiles for the master bathroom. The second phase of this lovely home renovation included tile for two more bathrooms, interior stair risers, kitchen and bar area, in addition to other strategic locations throughout the interior. Custom-designed cabinetry inspired by early California Monterey furniture was built into many of the rooms, including the kitchen. The final phase focused on the exterior of the home. Here, decorative tile was incorporated in ways that brought continuity from the interior to the exterior. The Gibbings love to entertain, so both the front and back yard, as well as the new kitchen and bar areas, were designed with welcoming places to congregate while incorporating a design sensibility that respected the original architecture. The final touch included a very special garden bench designed by William Jones and embellished with Native Tile.

Photos by Brica Wilcox