Herwegh Residence

Manhattan Beach, California

Built in 2002, this Mediterranean styled home was purchased by Chip Herwegh in 2017. Chip, a Manhattan Beach native, is a furniture maker and therefore in touch with the importance of creating a home that includes handcrafted details that personalize. He recognized the home had good bones but lacked details that would give it a California style. Chip was familiar with Native Tile, having gone to High School with owner Diana Mausser, and was excited to finally have the right house to incorporate her tile. The existing bland color palette in the main areas of the house were brought to life with colorful patterned tiles. With Chip’s direction, Native Tile created tiles in key areas of the home that would bring about the strongest impact. We created tiles for the main interior stairway, kitchen backsplash, living room fireplace, and powder room. The results were transformative and truly gave the home the much-needed personal character that Chip and his family enjoy every day.

Photos by Brica Wilcox