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The following catalog pages represent all of the tile-making techniques we employ at Native Tile. Most of our 1,100 patterns can be made in any of the various techniques or color schemes shown. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, call us or one of our showrooms to discuss your project.

To download a PDF file of any series, simply click the images below.

Malibu Series

Inspired by tiles produced at historic Malibu Potteries (1929-32), this series incorporates the cuerda seca or resist-line technique. Available in either matte or gloss glazes.

Vintage California Series

Inspired by the historic D&M and Hispano Moresque tile companies, the technique utilized here is a version of the cuerda seca method but resulting in a more painterly look. The tiles in this series have an antiqued semi-gloss texture.

Tunisian Series

This series has a glossy surface but also has an antique look. Incorporating a cuerda seca method all our own, these tiles look like a cross between our Vintage California tiles and a historic tile made in Tunisia.

Relief Series

These tiles have intricate patterns that are first hand carved and then pressed from plaster molds. The pattern, as stated, is in relief. We incorporate this method for many of our Craftsman-style tiles but have introduced a few relief patterns in a more Modern-Style. Available in either matte or gloss glazes.

Raised Line Series

Also known as cuenca, this technique is made with an actual raised clay line that delineates the pattern. Many historic tile companies all over the world employed versions of this technique. Available in matte or gloss glazes.

Incised Series

This series is also a kind of relief, but because it is different than any of the others we make, we thought it best to create a separate series. Often these tiles are made with the subject glazed and the background left as unglazed terracotta. These can create a beautiful textured field, as stair risers, or are often inserted with terracotta pavers.

LG& Modernist Collection

Designed by Laura Gottwald for Native Tile, this collection brings together multi-cultural, design and architectural history influences that is sure to bring unique style and visual excitement to any space. Shown here in our Malibu and Tunisian techniques, all tiles in this collection can be ordered as shown or color-customized to fit your specific palette.


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Native Tile Glaze Palettes

Standard Color Palette - Matte

Use these matte glazes with the Malibu, Relief, Raised Line or Incised Series. Matte glazes are not acid resistant.

Standard Color Palette - Gloss

Use these gloss glazes with the Malibu, Tunisian, Relief, Raised Line or Incised Series. Gloss glazes are acid resistant.

Vintage California Color Palette

These glazes are used for the Vintage California Series only and are not acid resistant.

Native Tile Moldings