Flanagan Residence

Lido Island, California

Lido Island was originally just a mudflat in Newport Beach. When former Pacific Electric conductor turned-land investor W.K Parkinson bought the land from Henry Huntington in 1923 he used dredged sand from the harbor to build it up to more than 10 feet above the high tide line. Together with the Griffith Company, Parkinson developed one of the first master planned communities in California. He wanted it to resemble a resort in the Mediterranean and named it Lido Island in homage to Lido di Venezia in Venice Italy. The Mediterranean-styled Flanagan residence is one of the homes built as part of this early master plan. Native Tile was commissioned to create decorative tile embellishments for the Flanagan’s landscape remodel. Passionate about their historic home and ceramic tile, the couple was very involved in all of the tile selections and details making the outcome personally satisfying as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Photos by Brica Wilcox